Getaway (EP)

by Mister Ego

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When your home isn't home anymore, get on the road and leave.

A series of guitar music, based on the idea of wanting to get away and move to somewhere new. Written before, during, and after my move to Reno, Nevada.


released June 3, 2016

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Jesse Kincel
Recorded at Caprica Studios
All music and lyrics written, arranged, and performed by Jesse Kincel



all rights reserved


Mister Ego Reno, Nevada

Mister Ego is a an audio-visual concept project. Somewhat of a spin-off of Spaghetti Western crossed with Industrial music. It's dark, bluesy, ballsy, and somber. Listen if you feel like being taken on an adventure, this music follows a tale.

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Track Name: Sharon
Your son has gone and come back
But to me, the man is still a ghost
And now I've gone and lost everything
But it's you I miss the most
Not some petty obsession
Or a man who never cared
I always said I hated it
But now I wish I could be there

You thought about my offer
Then you thought better of it
Everyone would be there
And you don't want to deal with this

I didn't condemn him
The man, he damned himself
I didn't kill him
But to you, I might as well

You love your son and I can understand
But you don't know me now that I'm a man
You could have died and I would never know
You say you love me, but it doesn't show

I didn't condemn him
The man, he damned himself
I didn't kill him
But to you, I might as well

Can you forgive me for what I never did?
Or take to the grave, the grudge that you hid
The witch, my mother, your villain, she is
We didn't do it, he burned his own bridge

Your son, my father, a ghost, it would seem
My right of passage, the last he was seen
No phone calls, no letters, though nowhere to send
I'm going out west to find the place I end

Where will I be when you pass away?
Will nobody tell me? And what will they say?
My father, he's been gone for so long
And when you are too, I'll sing you this song

I'm broken and torn
You don't know me anymore
I try, but you turn
Now my other cheek is burned
Reach out with no feeling
And I eat with no taste
My father doesn't know my face

Leave your blood, change my name
It's all in love and pain
I won't come back for anything
I'm a thousand miles away
Say your peace, or dictate it
I know you always hated
The harlot who took him away